Bringing the latest thinking and innovations in AgTech to you

AdvanceAg 2021, South Australia’s showcase of AgTech brings the latest thinking and innovations in AgTech to you.

Learn about the practical application and benefits of AgTech through case studies with producers, AgTech developers and industry leaders.

Save the date

The event will be held on Friday 23 July 2021 at Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia, with an optional welcome function on Thursday 22 July 2021.

Who should attend AdvanceAg?

The event is designed for:

  • primary producers and agricultural businesses
  • AgTech start-ups
  • technology developers
  • educators
  • and others from the AgTec ecosystem

AdvanceAg provides the opportunity to hear and share ideas on cutting edge technologies from local, national and global sources. These ideas can quickly be applied to your business.

Improving your business with AgTech

Adopting AgTech can help improve product quality, increase productivity, lower costs, inform decision making and create sustainable practices.
Attending AdvanceAg will allow you to hear and share ideas on cutting edge technologies, and help you learn how to quickly adopt them for your business.
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AgTech can grow primary industries

Primary industries are vitally important to South Australia. In 2018/19, primary industries and agribusiness supported 115,000 jobs and contributed $15.9 billion to the state’s economy (Gross State Product). It accounted for 47% of the state’s merchandise exports.

Supporting innovation and advancement in the field of AgTech is essential to increase the productivity, growth and sustainability of primary industry sectors in our state.

The Government of South Australia supporting AgTech

AdvanceAg is proudly supported by the Government of South Australia and delivered by the Department for Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA).

The event aims to help primary industry sectors in South Australia increase productivity, growth and sustainability through a greater adoption of AgTech.

AdvanceAg is a key initiative of the South Australian AgTech Advisory Group, established by the State Government to grow South Australia’s primary industries.